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I am honored to have my jewelry (on Phon, in one of Paige's lovely photographs) on the postcard that Gallery 360 sent out for their annual Jewelry Trunk Show where I will be one of 3 featured artists. It is happening this Thursday October 15th from 6-9pm. They've just updated their website today with the details and for any of you not sure how to get there, they also provide directions. They have a great selection of local art & goods - and if you notice, they are offering 20% off everything in the store that day! I would love to see you there!
*I should give a little disclaimer about the image of the card - as I have used my little stamper to round the corners of the card (which is not the way they sent them out) ... because I've been doing some experimenting -with rounding the corners of our existing business & post cards to tie it back to the new detail on our website. During the redesign of our website there was much discussion with my brother, Kai, about whether or not to round the corners of the images on the main page of the site. I felt there was a strong connection back to the floor plan of the airstream - but we also discussed the level of trend associated with a rounded corner. I actually feel that the BIG trend has already passed, which is partially why I felt good about doing it. One shouldn't try to be too cool... (he he) But seriously, I am in love with our new site and the way the collection of images creates a larger pattern and texture. It just isn't the same without the round-ness..... and I like that I am able to tie that little detail into other parts of our 'brand'
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