chick pick

Minneapolis Picks included me in their Nov 6th selections today - number 1 under their "chick picks" They contacted me over a week ago, and after being sick for several days (yes, I do believe it could have been the swine flu -- knocked me OUT for over 24 hours) I've been playing catch-up all week (with my son home, too!) and nearly forgot to look for it today. But... there it is - pretty cute.

I'm entering a heads-down period (well, technically I'm also just leaving one) as I make my final preparations for the Jewelry Artist Mart at the Walker Art Center all day on Nov 14th ... AND ... for a holiday window display at Gallery 360 featuring on of our trees and a slew of my ornaments - the opening for the show is the night of Nov 14th -- a FULL day. Please cross your fingers for me, that I can stay healthy. In past years, I have worked myself like a dog until Christmas and then I spend the week until New Years being sick. I'm hoping it is a good sign that I've taken care of the sick-in-bed part already ... now if I could just get rid of the cough.