Gallery360 window

After a full day at the Walker Art Center, I made my exhausted way to the opening at Gallery 360 where Barbara Gilhooly is in the main gallery and in the front window - opposite me. We customized one of our 7ft. tannenbaums by trimming it down (2 branches worth) to fit in the window of the gallery. (We also trimmed/adjusted the branches in order to accomplish the proper taper.) I think it turned out really well and that it looks fantastic in their window!

Merry did a really nice job dressing the tree. I was so plesantly surprised to see my name on the glass - somehow that makes it feel 100 times more legitimate. The gallery has a selection of red and white "ball"ornaments in 3 designs (stripe, flake in ball, concentric circles), small red solid balls, large and small flakes in white and transparent blue - and I will be adding 1-2 new colors to their stock in the coming week. (I will also be putting some in my shop in the coming week for those of you not in Minneapolis)

I also worked hard to make some new artwork pieces. I've been testing and mulling over several directions that I could go in, but this seemed the most logical first step -- an expansion on the pins/brooches I've been doing - for small wall hangings. They are 4.5 inches in diameter and made from layers of solid wood. I sand the end-grain edges so that the "frame" is a beautiful striped edge that is literally connected to the content of the piece. I think I'm happy with the way they turned out. They are still so fresh that I haven't really had a chance to absorb them ... larger scale that jewelry, but still very small scale when it comes to wall-art.