finally - some updates

i thought i would start this post honoring the "best seller" of ACC show ... the DOUBLE PAPYRUS necklace (that i whipped-up last minute and almost didn't take with me - go figure!)

it has taken a little bit of time to settle back into things at home. i must admit that i still don't feel entirely "with-it" or back to a routine - partly because i am needing to create a new routine that strikes a healthy balance of doing "real" work and organizing my plan to take my jewelry forward, while somehow managing to get my running back in the schedule - i'm getting closer.... i haven't been entirely unproductive in the process though, because i have finally been able to get some more jewelry in my shop. i need to take more photos of some pieces before posting them, but there is a selection of DOUBLE PAPYRUS, PAPYRUS SINGLE, Rolling-TOPO, SOLID, and POMMEGRANATE necklaces online. More will be posted shortly......thanks for checking them out!